Oct 2, 2015

New year, new beginning!

It has been a really, really long time since I last posted. I lost my mojo, got caught up with school, planned an anniversary party that was really as much planning as a wedding, and had a wonderful visit from family. I haven't been crafting as much as I'd like, but I do have a huge backlog of cards that I have created, and haven't yet managed to get them any further than my craft room. 

When you create a blog, you start mainly for yourself; it's a great way to be accountable to yourself, create a record of what you've been up to, and a connection to people 'out there' who might be just like you. However, once you've created your blog and than haven't posted for a while, well, it's hard to get back on that horse. For me, there is a sense of guilt, and a recognition that by publishing a new post, any followers you have that have probably forgotten you had a blog in the first place, are going to get a 'ping', thereby thrusting your failure to keep up with your blog posts right in front of them. It's much easier to get back into it quietly. 

I do have a card today, and of course, it's late, but I'm hoping this will be a new beginning for me. In the spirit of the Jewish New Year, I am forgiving myself for not keeping up with my blog, and just going to use it as a record of when I do feel I have something to post, whether that is card-making or some other form of creativity. 

Apples and honey are traditional Rosh Hashanah foods, symbolizing the roundness and sweetness of the new year. I used the cupcake bottom and candles from the Sprinkles of Life set to make this apple basket, and the apples and matching punch to fill it. The 'Sweet!' is from the Bravo set and the honeycomb embossing folder is embossed on gold foil. 

Thanks for still being here, those of you who are :)

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