Feb 10, 2012

Valentines Day is quickly approaching

My eldest son advised me today that he needed “about a hundred” Valentines cards for his friends and family. Thinking he was vastly exaggerating, I sat down with him to make a list, and it turns out he was closer than I expected. Because he’s in so many different social settings, with his school class, his daycare, mandarin class, karate and then teachers, his friends and family that are outside of that, he really does need around 90 Valentines – and that’s not giving to every single child in all of those activities.

Ryan is also in daycare and has a class of about 20 (with only 4 girls!) so I will be making Valentines for him too. Some of the images from the retired set, ‘Recess’ (Summer Mini, 2011) fit into the full heart punch, so I will probably use that for one group, and use ‘I Dig You’ and ‘Make a Monster’ for some of the others. I think I still have some of the Love Bot valentine boxes from the Clearance Rack from last year, so I’ll use what I can of those too.

The ‘girl’ Love Bot Valentines are still on the Clearance Rack, you get 30 (10 each of 3 designs), 3”x3”x3/4” boxes for $3.89. You  can dress them up with some ribbon or punched hearts, and they hold a few little chocolates (my favourite are the caramel hearts – mmm!). These are easy for little hands to assemble and fill, making this a fun ‘mom and me’ activity for you and your little one!
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If you would like to order these, or any other items, visit me online or email me.  And remember to check out my Events calendar – I’m always open to private classes for you and your friends, ask me about available dates!

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