Apr 30, 2011

Stamper under construction!

I apologise for being a bad blogger, I haven't been doing much stamping recently, what with being busy, having a baby that never sleeps, a 5 year-old that needs a lot of my attention, and a husband who's working 18 hours a day.

I'm hoping to be back soon, bear with me!

Apr 7, 2011

Playing with My Digital Studio

I recently got an order for some wedding shower name tags. I made up some samples using some stamps and cardstock that were lying on my desk, and sent them off to the customer to see if that is what she was envisioning. On the Tuesday I found out that she liked the samples, but wanted something 'flat' that could be printed on her computer - eek! I didn't have MDS and hadn't really been planning on buying it for a while, at least, not until the Express version came out. However, since she really liked the Bliss flourish and wanted that as the background on her cards,I had to get online and buy the software, as well as bulk my order up to $200 so I could also get the So Much to Sale-A-Brate CD. Of course I had to expedite the shipping, since the cards were needed for that weekend!

After a quick call to DS, they told me the order would ship out on Wednesday, meaning that it would get here on Friday. Usually our FedEx guy comes at 11am, so I thought, ok, I'll have a few hours to get this done and sent off to my friend for the printing. Well, the FedEx guy showed up two hours late, the software took an hour to install, and the baby was pretty fussy, leaving me with not much time to get these cards done!

Amazingly enough, designing the cards in MDS, once everything was up and running, was incredibly easy. What took the longest was loading each new page, and at the end, it took over half an hour to save the file. But putting the stamps and text on the page was very fast, and at the end of it I ended up with 70 cards like this (obviously with different names!):
I printed them off on my husband's printer (which wasn't great colour-wise, they came out much yellow-er), onto Whisper White cardstock, cut them, and dropped them off with the customer. I think she was pretty happy with them and will hopefully send me some new business when she has a need for items like this again!

UPDATE: Here's a pic of all 70, tied up and ready to go!

This week I'm going to wipe everything off my computer so that it will hopefully be faster. I also want to do business cards on MDS, so we'll see how that works out. Generally, I'm pretty happy with the software, although I definitely have some learning to do!