Jan 25, 2011

My first Mojo Monday!

I finally finished a 'Mojo Monday' inspired card! I used what I had available, which was some cardstock from a 'Green Stack' 12x12 book of scrapbooking paper, and some green ribbon I found in the basement yesterday :o) I'm looking forward to doing future challenges with my new Stampin' Up products, but the UPS guy hasn't come today yet and the rest won't be here until next week.

Because of the pattern on the paper, I chose to send the ribbon behind the cardstock, and cut a slit so that it could peek out on each end. The circle looked a little bland so I edged it with a (badly colour-matched) brown marker.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shelley! Cute card, and I just had to say a quick hello, as it's not often I see another person from Richmond Hill on Mojo Monday!